summer pudding - serves 4

1 kg red mixed berries: strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, blackcurrants, redcurrants, blueberries
200g caster sugar
2 leaves gelatine soaked in cold water for at least 10 minutes
8 slices white bread

Put the berries in a heavy-bottomed pan, with the strawberries sprinkled with the sugar at the bottom. Place the raspberries on the top

Very slowly warm through.

When still undercooked, remove from the heat.

Gently squeeze dry the gelatine leaves, then add to the warm berries and stir to melt completely.

If the mixture is a bit tart, add extra caster sugar as required. To mould the puddings set four metal chefs' rings on a baking tray lined with cling film.

Cut a disc from each of  the bread slices to fit the rings.

Dip a discs of bread in the berry juices, then press one into the bottom of each of the rings.

Spoon in the berries.

Dip another disk of bread into the berry juices and place on top of the ring, standing slightly proud of the ring

Cover with a wooden chopping board covered in clingfilm to weight down and chill in the fridge to set for a couple of hours

Place a pudding (still in its metal ring) off-centre on each plate.

Place the shortbread and a scoop of ice cream to the side

Remove the chefs' ring.

Pour a little coulis over the top of the pudding and garnish with a few fresh redcurrants.

Sprinkle a little icing sugar over the pudding to serve


individual summer puddings