herb crusted venison, green peppercorn sauce, bacon & cabbage, pomme puree – serves 4

800g loin of venison cut into 4 pieces
2 tbsp rosemary leaves
2 tbsp thyme leaves
2 tbsp chopped flat leaf parsley
4 tbsp pine nuts
4 tbsp olive oil
for the bacon with cabbage:
200g smoked streaky dry cured bacon - finely chopped
1 Savoy cabbage - finely chopped
50g unsalted butter
for the pomme puree:
1kg potatoes
250g unsalted butter
250ml double cream
for the peppercorn sauce:
demi-glace - enough to make sauce
1 tbsp green peppercorns
2 tbsp port
1 tbsp redcurrant jelly
knob of unsalted butter
splash of brandy


Heat the oven to 230C

Combine the rosemary, thyme, parsley, pine nuts and olive oil in a food processor to form marinade paste. Coat the venison steaks with the herb paste and leave to marinate for 2 hours

Brown the venison steaks in a hot frying pan for 45 seconds on each side. Transfer to an oven tray and transfer to the oven for 5 minutes.

Remove from the oven, turn steaks over and rest for 10 minutes.

Cut into five pieces and fan out carefully onto the plate.

bacon with cabbage:

Heat a wok over a medium heat and add the chopped bacon. Stir fry for a couple of minutes to release bacon fat.

Add the shredded Savoy cabbage and stir for two minutes. Reduce the heat and cover with a cartouche of parchment. Cook for 15 minutes allowing the moisture to soften cabbage.

Add a good knob of butter and stir.

pomme puree:

Cook the potatoes in boiling water, pass through a potato ricer and allow to cool

Melt the butter and cream together.

Add enough cold potato in small amounts stirring to form a loose mash.


You can allow this to cool at this stage if required to be re-heated when required. (One of the few good uses for a microwave is to reheat mash!)


Melt the demi-glace and bring to a gentle boil.

Add the peppercorns, port, redcurrant jelly, brandy and season to taste.

Add a knob of butter to give finished sauce a gloss.

Serve sparingly (this isn't gravy!)


A great dinner party dish