smoked salmon mousse wrapped in cucumber - serves 6

600g smoked salmon
1 large cucumber
300ml double cream
2 lemons, juice only
freshly ground pepper

Roughly blitz the salmon in a food processor with the lemon juice and a few grinds of black pepper

With the motor running pour in enough double cream to give the required stiffness. Try to keep some texture to the salmon. Rustic and not too smooth.

Line a dariole mould with cling film. Make a number of thin strips of cucumber using a vegetable peeler and line the mould with four or five strips, letting them lay over the lip of the mould.

Fill a piping bag with the mousse and pipe into each mould. Flatten the top of the mousse and fold over the overlapping cucumber strips. Refrigerate for at least an hour.

Easy out of the moulds using the cling film. Turn upright onto plates.

Soooo easy, but tastes great!


Almost embarassingly easy starter. Serve with a peppery salad and some toast