May 2014


24 Stratford Road, Wolverton, MK12 5LW

tel: 01908 313890

At last - Milton Keynes has a real Japanese restaurant

Given the large number of Japanese people living in the MK area, not to mention those of us who often pine for real sushi, it has long been a mystery to me that a decent Japanese restaurant had not opened locally. Japanese food is an artistic and intimate experience that requires intimate surroundings. So conveyor belt food such as Yo Sushi in Centre:MK or the vast expanse of the (not much lamented) Fugu Teppan Yaki on Midsummer Boulevard don't really count.

But Akasaka in Wolverton most certainly does.

A small, tastefully decorated space on Stratford Road in an increasingly dogeared looking Wolverton might seem an incongruous place for what is a genuine Japanese food experience, but that is what we are now lucky enough to have. Beautiful plates of sushi, delicately sculptured appetisers, Bento box lunches. All now available. So get yourself down there. But perhaps call in advance for a table. The secret is out and those who appreciate the subtle beauty of Japanese food are already making the pilgrimage to this small treasure.


for: small but pleasant space, popular & vibrant atmosphere, fabulous sushi and other traditional Japanese dishes artistically presented

against: it's in Wolverton, service is less than optimal and certainly needs some attention, wine markups are high - but the sake is good